Witcher 3 Toussaint: All Locations of The DLC Blood and Wine

Toussaint, released with Witcher 3’s third expansion Blood and Wine, is the new region for the players to explore. Being Nilfgaardian Empire’s part, Toussaint is located in Velen. There are five special locations that have the Places of Power. Here are those five places and the exact location where you can find the Places of Power easily. So, read the article till the end!

All locations of Places of Power- Blood and Wine

Witcher 3 Toussaint: All Locations of The DLC Blood and Wine

1. Fort Ussar Ruins

The first Place of Power is inside a cave located at Fort Ussar Ruins. If you look at the map, the cave is on the eastern portion of Toussaint. Once you have reached the place, go straight to the Fort Ussar Ruin’s top. You will see a number of slyzards flying encircling you. Next, you have to open the fireplace and take the Place of Power kept alongside the Fort’s cliff. It is exactly kept within the cave near its entrance.

2. West of Hortense Vineyard

Find Beuclair’s lake on the map and head towards its south. The next Place of Power is kept at its nearest location which is the Hortense Estate. Search every corner of the Estate and the large lake. You will find the Place of Power there in the west of Vineyard.

3. Termes Place Ruins

Termes Place Ruins is located in the southeast portion of Toussaint. You can locate it easily if you have been to Gelenser Farm or Trastamara in the south. After you reach the Ruin, you will notice that there is a staircase that will take you down to some window entrance. As you enter the Ruin, the Place of Power will release a kind of humming sound at the right side of the gate through which you entered. You need to break through the wall using the Aard sign and get the Place of Power along with an Ability point.

4. Near Arthach Place Ruin

Another location is the Arthach Place Ruins. It is located at the north of the Toussaint and the Place of Power is available near the location signboard. You will find bandits near the Hanse base, i.e., Arthach Place Ruins. Avoid that way and more straight to the north from the Hanse to reach the Place of Power. In case you get into a fight, you can go to the Hanse base to clear it out. Apart from this, you will get a good number of armorers and tools from the bandits after you kill them.

5. Near Rioux-Cannes Outpost

One Place of Power is present in a cave near Rioux-Cannes Outpost. It is a village northeast of the cave and on the western side of you see it in the map. Move to the north of the Rioux-Cannes Outpost and look for the entrance of the cave. Once you enter the cave, make sure you search every area to get the Place of Power. You will not face much difficulty as the cave is not big.

Final Words

These were the five locations of finding the Toussaint: the Blood and Wine quest. After knowing the locations, you have to use all your ability points and reach there. So, enhance the combat prowess and check out all the locations to complete the quest.

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