7 Days to Die: How To Play the Game? Starter Guide!

7 Days to Die is a survival game which is quite difficult to understand. It can take a more than 12 hours to only learn the tactics to enter the wilderness filled with zombies. However, this is the first step in the game that requires basic knowledge and understanding about 7 Days to Die. Newcomers will struggle at first but with time they can also jump into their adventure. So, before starting make sure to go through the gaming tutorial and lean the fundamentals including its traders, crafting and perks. In this article, you will learn about the things that will make your in game learning process easier. Let’s begin!

7 Days to Die Basic Information

The first and the most important thing to know abot the game is the balanced leveling. It is essential for you to survive in the game, i.e., before the 7 day horde comes in. In these seven day period, you have to discover the zombie mobs’ strength and difficulty level. For example,if you focus on looting in the first week, you will have to struggle alot in defending yourself against the zombies who starts to arrive in this world. Ensure that your first priority is not looting, crafting or combat. Rather, focus more on the primary leveling techniques of the game.

7 Days to Die: How To Play the Game? Starter Guide!

Besides this, the game offers a total of three perks. Players need to unlock these perks. The perks include, Sexual Tyrannosaurus which is a skill tha helps the players to reduce the consumption of extra stamina, this increasing the melee combat effectiveness. The second perk is Miner 69er whose speciality is wood and mineral farming. Lastly come the master Chef perk that allows the players to get edible food easily.

How to begin 7 Days to Die?

If you are a beginner, begin with knowing the use of bow to keep yourself protected from walkers. Also, it will be useful in the melee combat. Furthermore, keep medical supplies from the very beginning for safety purpose throughout the game.

You must have an idea about the tools and weapons and their upgrading or repairing technique. As such, you can get better tools alongside saving the natural resources. There is a craftable bike for the players to explore the world. But, you have to make it yourself, which is easy and doesn’t require any skill.

7 Days to Die: How To Play the Game? Starter Guide!

Another significant element of the game is Base building. In 7 Days to Die, you will not find a perfect way of constructing the base. However, there are horde countering approaches allowing you to increase your survival chances in the game. So, you can try out elevated base construction using a choke point, also fighting with the zombies during the whole process.

Well, this was a small guide on how you can start and survive in 7 Days to Die.

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