Spider-Man: Miles Morales and The Never Give Up Trophy Mystery Solved!

Did you hear about the amazing new trophies in your favourite game Spider-Man? There are a few trophies in Spider-Man: Miles Morales that are hidden. You get alot of opportunities to win the different trophies. Some of the opportunities are like jumping onto a boat Kept in Chinatown and getting a statue of Stan Lee, the legendary father of the most popular Marvel universe. Besides this, there is one trophy which is more special for Miles. It is the Never Give up Trophy, a reward that you receive after meeting Miles’ father Mr. Jefferson Davis in Harlem area. You have to visit him at his gravesite.

Spider Man: Miles Morales allows you you explore the whole map and winning secret rewards fot doing the alloted job. The Never Give up Trophy being one of them, needs to get unlocked after interacting with Mr. Davis in his cemetery. Let’s find out the exact location and ways to reach the place successfully.

Where is the grave located in Spider- Man: Miles Morales?

Explore the map and find the same location as shown in the picture above. It is the exact location of the cemetery in Harlem on the map. After that, choose your waypoint to drop the pin at the location. Follow the same in the game. As soon as you reach the gravesite, look for Mr. Davis’ grave and try to interact with him after pressing the triangle button available. Jefferson Davis’ grave has some red and yellow flowers over it which makes it easy for the players to identify it.

Final Words

You might find is tricky to get the Never Give up Trophy in Spider Man: Miles Morales. But, if you explore the map properly, there is no big deal in cracking the mission. We will end this up here by giving you all a bit of information regarding Jefferson Davis. If you cannot recall this character, then let me tell you that he is Miles’ father who dies in the tragic events in the very first edition of Spide Man Marvel.

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