Anno 1800 Season 4: Everything About the Three New DLCs

Anno 1800 New World Rise made a comeback on April 12 with its players. It features the New World, having the main motto of bringing out new discoveries in agricultural production and pioneer aviation. Moreover, this time, it also keeps the New World’s population as a major part. Anno 1800 season 4 has a total of 3 DLCs.

Seeds of Change

Empires of the skies

New World Rising

Each one has its own beauty and objective that makes it different from the others. You will find new missions and gaming styles in Anno 1800 this time. Have a look at it in detail below.

Season 4: The three DLCs

Anno 1800 Season 4: Everything About the Three New DLCs

1. Seeds of Change: This DLC features haciendas of the New World, allowing all the players to cultivate their agricultural goods in whichever country estate they want. It helps in maximizing the productivity of the goods way more than before, thus leading to the establishment of novel island policies and independence of farming to the players. Besides this, it also brings up the Seasons of Silver that fascinate the players to establish a new and complex production, i.e., the production of silver according to the changing seasons. Players will get three ornaments as a Season 4 pass.

2. Empire of the Skies: Out in summer, the Empire of the Skies features the latest ways of using airships, transporting goods, and dealing with aerial battles.

3. New World Rising: At the end comes the final DLC! The New World Rising introduces new population tiers along with some islands. It will be a great overall experience for the players.

Final Words

Players can assess Anno 1800 in the free weeks to enjoy a demo game. The newcomers must be familiar with the Deluxe pack and the editions from the Ubisoft store which include a complete additional year and a gold additional year. So, if you are looking forward to purchasing the Anno 1800 New World DLCs, do check out the Ubisoft Store and start playing as soon as possible.

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