All Locations of Lord Runes Elden Rings: Where to Find Different Runes?


Are you fan of Elden Ring and curious about collecting the Runes? Well, its the right place for your then. Elden Ring has these Runes, its main currency which are of great importance in the game. You need the runes throughout the game to keep purchasing the items you want to win the game. But, most players leave their hope of utilizing the runes because they cannot find their exact location of them. That’s why we have come up with this article to let you know the locations to find the Lord’s Runes and reach them without panicking.

Location of the Lord’s Rune in Elden Ring

All Locations of Lord Runes Elden Rings: Where to Find Different Runes?

Lord’s Runes are available in several locations. Here is a list of locations where you can find them.

1. Starting with the first one, the first Rune is located in Mohgwyn Dynasty mausoleum. You have to head over to the place and take a turn to your west. The lord’s rune will be kept on a corpse beside a pillar.

2. The next Rune is located at the Crumbling farum azula. Go to the location and move towards the north. Keep going until you find a courtyard having a fountain in the center. Look carefully inside the fountain for the lord’s rune. You will get it from there itself.

3. Now comes a combo Rune! Elphael brace of Haligtree will have two Runes. Follow the route to the northeast until you find some enemies waiting for you. These enemies are none other than Haligtree knights and Cleanrot knights. As soon as you reach the inner wall, you will meet another Avatar named Erdtree. You have to defeat him and collect 27090 Runes.

4. The next lord’s rune is also located in the same northeast direction. Head towards the east where you will see the Putrid avatar. Make sure to defeat him and then take away the 27090 runes from him. Apart from this, you will also get the Rotten Staff as a bonus prize.

5. Numerous lord’s Runes will come across your way while moving forward. Runes like the Smithing stone, Dragon Smithing stone, and Numen’s Rune are placed near the doorway in an Alcove.

6. Coming onto the last rune, so, Haligtree Promenade will have the last lord’s rune. Walk through the main road near Leyndell royal capital and win against the Erdtree Avatar again to review the 10062 runes. Beside the runes, a lord rune will appear.

Final Words

That’s all about the location of the Lord’s Runes in Elden Ring. If you want to know more about the runes such as duplication and using the runes, you can check out the official Elden Ring sites or comment down your queries below. Hope this piece of writing helped you to find the Runes easily.

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