Elden Ring: Why Dexterity Build?

Elden Ring, as we all know is one of the hardest games to play. It has been proven that the game shows no mercy to the new players. There are many builds you can try that have strength, dexterity, and intelligence. There are also some hybrid builds that require two stats but the dexterity build is the one that players use the most.

Elden Ring: Why Dexterity Build?

Why Dexterity Build?

why do players use dexterity build? The answer is simple, players play dexterity build because most of the weapons in dexterity build have bleed damage. If you are not certain how does bleed damage works. Bleed does extra damage to the enemy by filling the bleed gauge after getting a certain amount of hits/combos from the player. The bleed gauge is not visible in the UI but it’s there, after you hit an enemy for a certain amount of time you will notice a chunk of his health depletes.

Elden Ring: Why Dexterity Build?

You should also take note that the bleed is a status effect so it will wear off if you stop hitting. Also, you will need weapons that do bleed damage. Though it is common to use a bleed weapon when you are playing dexterity build.

Leveling up your dexterity will help you with cast speed and take less fall damage from certain heights. We would think that leveling up dexterity will give us attack speed but no, it does not give you melee attack speed.

Weapons to use In Dexterity Build

There are some weapons that are good for dexterity build

  • ¬†Uchigatana
  • River of Blood
  • Hand of Melania
  • Moonveil Katana

Getting the Hand of Melania and the Moonveil wit be tough but they are worth getting. Moonveil is the weapon you should be aiming for, as it is the strongest of all in the dexterity build. Once you get this weapon the game gets way easier.

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