How to Change Roof Colors in Animal Crossing ?

Who does not love customizing their House? Animal Crossing: New Horizon is one of the games where you can customize your house, paint, and do other modifications. And in today’s topic, we will discuss roof colors in animal crossing to give an extra edge to your house.

How many colors are there in Animal Crossing new: horizons?

There is a total of eight colors in this game. Red, Pink, Yellow, Blue, Aqua, Green, Purple, and Black.

How to Change Roof Colors in Animal Crossing ?

How do you change your house roof colors?

In the beginning, there is no option to change roof colors anytime, so you can only change the roof color only when you upgrade your house. For that, you need to talk to Tom Nook. After every upgrade, he will ask you if you want to change the color or not. So that annoying right when there is no upgrade left?

How to Change Roof Colors in Animal Crossing ?

Nope, you can change your roof color at your will after you fully upgrade your house and that’s gonna cost you approximately 548,000¬†Bells debt. And after you have completely cleared all the debts Go to town hall and talk to tom hooks. Now choose¬† “about my house” and then “I want to customize,” and now you can customize your roof color anytime now.

Note* The color takes a day to apply to your roof so don’t panic if it does not change instantly.

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