Chai – Animal crossing How to Get Her?

Chai is an animal crossing character that was introduced to us in the welcome amiibo update for the new leaf.The update was released on November 2, 2016. We are going to Know a little about Chai and how to get her into your world.

About  Chai 

Chai - Animal crossing How to Get Her

Chai is a female elephant who is from Peppy village. Peppy villagers are known to be the nice villagers in the game. Hence the personality of Chia is well behaved. If you notice she wears a tea hat on her head. That is because she shares her name with Chai Tea. She lives in an RV and will move to your town if asked. She sleeps most of the time as it is her skill.

The Peppy villagers like their own kind and are less likely to get discouraged by other Peppy villagers. That doesn’t mean they don’t like other villagers, it’s just it is hard to discourage by their own people. When you speak with other villagers they will get mad if the conversation goes wrong. These villagers forget things fast so you need to finish your quest with them fast. They also easily forget any arguments that you as the player had with her or any of the Peppy villagers because of their short attention span.

Where Can You find Chai?

Chai - Animal crossing How to Get Her

To get Chai you need to purchase the Sanrio Celebration Pack of amiibo pack. You can also get them by trading with other players who willingly give them to you. The Pack not only contains Chai, but they also have Chelsea, Etoile, Marty, Rilla, and Toby in the same pack. If you just need Chai it would be better to trade with other players.

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