How to Evolve Chingling in Pokemon?

Chingling, this pokemon was introduced in the fourth generation of the game, which has Diamond, pearl, Platinum, Heartgold, and SoulSilver. Chingling as it sounds, it looks the same as a bell with a circular gold body and red and white ears on its head. And in this topic, we will tell you how to evolve chingling.

Well, leveling up chingling might be a bit complicated if you don’t know the right to evolve it. So Before you try to go to battles or wilderness to level up (which won’t work under certain conditions) make sure you follow the steps below.

How to Evolve Chingling in Pokemon?

How to Make chingling Happy?

First, Give chingling a soothe bell to hold. Soothe bell is a pokemon held item that gives special effects to the wielder pokemon. You will find soothe bell in Route 212 Mansion on these game versions (Diamond, pearl and platinum) and on National Park on these game versions (Heartgold and Soulsilver).

Secondly, Feed Ginema berries to chingling  its a yellow cone-shaped berry that can raise stats like happiness and others.

And Lastly, Pokemon massages, you can find massage house in certain cities line one in Veilstone City in (Diamon and Pearl). GO in and talk to the lady inside the Room and She will offer a Massage for your pokemon. Just select Chingling from the list.

So now chingling is happy now.

How to Evolve Chingling in Pokemon?

Evolving Chingling

To Evolve Chingling all you have to do is wait for the nighttime after chingling is happy. And according to the new 4th gen Time setting is based on your device setting. So either you change your device time to night or wait for the night time up to you. Once you have done waiting Do the fighting and win battles as chingling is a psychic type its strong against fighting type pokemon.

Then chingling will evolve into chimecho and if it does not, make sure chingling’s happiness is 220 and above.

If all the conditions are met above, you can also use the evolution stone at night.

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