Is Among Us Cross Platform?

Among Us is a multiplayer game that rose in popularity during the year 2020. During that year many streamers and YouTubers got connected to each other through this game. It’s not just YouTubers and Streamers many of us have made friends on this platform. The game is available on most platforms, so the question arises. Can we crossplay with different platforms?

Is Among Us Cross Platform?

How to Play Among Us Cross Platform?

The answer to the question is yes it is cross-platform and can be played on different platforms. There are no requirements or any extra downloads to play cross-platform. Just play the game like you usually do. If you still need help on how to join/ host the server to play with your friends here it is.

  • Start the game and check which server are you on in the main menu
  • Tell your friends to select the same server/region.
  • Host the game and give your friends the lobby code that’s at the bottom of your screen.
  • If you are joining, get the code and join the lobby.
  • Once in the lobby, the host will hit start, and the game begins.

There is an exception where if the host is using mods, players can’t join unless they download the same mods of the same version.

How to Join Modded Among Us.

How to Play Among Us Cross Platform?

When the game is modded other players must download the same mods to play with the host. Players sometimes face this problem where they have to update the mods the host has and still can’t join or start the game. In this case, you have to delete the whole file from the among us folder and reinstall it for it to work. The rest is the same to join the server or hosting the game.

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