Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks, Release Date and More!

Pokemon Games has been with us since 1996 the first pokemon game was titled as Pokemon Red and Green, and generation by generation, we are getting newer pokemon as well as pokemon Games with increasing quality and graphics Fans are expecting more and more from the Developers, and This article will be about the new Pokemon Scarlet and Violet leaks and rumors the Fans are expecting.

Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks, Release Date and More!

Leaks and Rumours 

There’s Been a lot of Rumours and Leaks about this new Pokemon Game and This new Leak Reveals a pokemon game Titled as Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

This Game has the most rumors and Leaked filled. Maybe its Because Game Freak and the Pokemon Company is less Giving than expected Because There are Four Trailers of the Game till date, and yet They only Revealed 12 Pokemons For Their New title. As far we can’t trust all the leaks, but as per recent leaks Riddler khu and kaka Both have been proven correct on quite a few leaks and details. Though The whole Pokedex has been leaked Online.
Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Leaks, Release Date and More!
 According to Leaks and a few leakers, There are 109 New Pokemon in This New Title, Pokemon Scarlet and Violet There are 80 new pokemon, 4 Regional fakes, 5 Cross Gen-Evolutions, 14 paradox forms, and 7 ancient For Pokemon Scarlet and 7 Future for Pokemon Violet and according to the leak 2 of them will be limited to DLCs.
Recently A Twitter account named Centro leaks tweeted a link saying “Here’s today’s Gen 9 Pokedex Update in this link.” all the 109 pokemon are listed with many Details below.


Release Date

Not all the leaks and Rumors are always true but who knows let’s wait for the Game to release According to the Current given date it will Be releasing on 18th November later this Year.

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